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Care instructions

Care instructions

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Climate range:
Cypripedium hybrids thrive anywhere where summer temperatures do not regularly exceed 30 ° C. In winter, the temperature for 2 - 3 months are below +5 ° C.
Lady's slipper orchids are completely hardy and there is no winter protection necessary. Even at low temperatures below -20 ° C are even with very little snow for this plant is no problem.
Partial shade and not direct midday sun.
Sun in the morning or late afternoon, like in the North in the shadow of a house is suitable.
Since Cypripediums are originally forest dwellers, they prefer cool and not too dry locations.
Basically Cypripedium hybrids grow well in most garden soils. Lady’s slipper orchids prefer a well-aerated, crumbly soil structure (10 cm / 4 inches deep) and medium moisture conditions. Dense and loamy soils should be improved with mineral materials such as crushed clay pebbles or lava. If the planting site is too wet, a drainage layer with crushed clay pebbles or lava should be added. In sandy soils which dry out rapidly it is recommended to increase water retention by mixing in perlite, Seramis® or Isolite®. Covering the soil with a layer of beech leaves or conifer needles has a favourable effect on structure and moisture. Lady’s slipper orchids are completely hardy - no separate protection during winter is required 
With light and sandy soils which dry out quickly, the water storage by mixing Seramis ® or perlite can be increased. In summer months, the soil should never dry out completely. 
The lowest planting date for lady slipper orchid is in October in its resting phase. When planting, the roots are spread out flat. The scion bud should only thin (1-2 cm) to be covered with soil. Press the plant does not, by repeated gentle showers are set on the garden floor. The companion plants of orchids should not grow too much, as women's shoes do not tolerate starkwüchsigen neighbors. Especially, of course affects a planting in combination with small permanent ferns.
During the growing season fertilizer at half concentration promote the growth for next year.
Unfortunately, the worm also love women's shoes.
Therefore, especially in the spring during the Austriebes precautions necessary (Ferramol slug pellets, or a worm fence).
If you have voles in the garden, so it is advisable to protect the rhizomes through a wire mesh.
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